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Rockman Jun 3 '14
Hi...is there a flanker or super flanker psd around?  I'd like to retexture one of mine
DaeVigilia admin
DaeVigilia Jun 4 '14
I checked with Tig, there do not seem to be any PSD's for it. Sorry.
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Rockman Jun 7 '14
ok...ty...if I use a psd of a jet of similar size...will that work?
TigSpijkers admin
TigSpijkers Jun 7 '14
Hey Rockman I'll send you the textures if you really want them, but these are not PSD's.

Also sculpties are way more complicated to texture than the mesh models. Each part of the Flanker is a sculpted prim and the textures are sometimes slightly distorted to make them look right on the model and they need to wrap around the model as sculpties only have one face. Seriously you have no idea what you are letting yourself into when you want to texture them ;)